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Online Workshop: Electronic Monitoring in NFs & ALs
Product Code: 1938W

January 1, 2020, brings new Minnesota statutes regarding resident/client authority to place electronic monitoring devices in their nursing facility sleeping rooms and assisted living apartments. This new law applies to all current nursing facilities, boarding care homes, and housing with services settings who operate as an assisted living or have a special ca...Details

Workforce Series: Cultural awareness in the workplace
Product Code: 1939W

Is your workplace becoming more diverse? Do you struggle with staff communication, and does your staff struggle to communicate with each other? A successful work environment is founded on effective and open communication. If you want to better understand your staff, this session will provide you with insight and strategies to do so. This session offers a personal per...Details

2019 Legislative Update
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Advance Care Planning and POLST
Product Code: 116

Local news media have been covering the ongoing story of the disagreement between a patient’s wife (and health care agent) and his doctors about decisions the wife has been making on her husband’s behalf. The disagreements were so profound that the doctors asked the courts to replace the wife as decision maker.

Thankfully, most situations do not involve ...Details

Bed Holds and Leave Days: Unraveling the Mystery
Product Code: 138

Although bed hold and leave day policies have been around for some time, there still exists a great deal of confusion surrounding them. Can I bill, when can I bill, how much is allowable? Must I hold the bed or not? De-mystify the policies and procedures surrounding leave days and bed holds to ensure your facility is in compliance.

This webinar is designed to p...Details

Building a Cohesive Team - Five Critical Factors
Product Code: 432

The single most untapped competitive advantage in an organization is teamwork. A cohesive team gets results faster by optimizing the skills of each team member & by holding each member accountable.

You can build stronger, more effective teams by creating a transparent environment to maximize trust & openness. How do you create this type of results-driven environme...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: Behavioral Health
Product Code: 1923W

With the new regulations for behavioral health effective November 2019, the workshop will address the requirements and implementation strategies for a compliant behavioral health program in a SNF/NF.

This is the third workshop in the Clinical/Nursing Best Practices Online Workshop Series. Each workshop is around 60 minutes—45 minutes for formal pre...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: Compliance & ethics program
Product Code: 1925W

A compliance and ethics program is required by the Requirements of Participation. Learn about the key elements of a compliance and ethics program to comply with the Phase 3 regulations.

This is the fifth workshop in the Clinical/Nursing Best Practices Online Workshop Series. Each workshop is around 60 minutes—45 minutes for formal presentation on a topic...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: Data=Quality
Product Code: 1924W

The current healthcare environment recognizes publicly reported data as a representation of the quality of care provided in a facility. Learn how to use your facility’s data to improve quality and sustain high-level performance.

This is the fourth workshop in the Clinical/Nursing Best Practices Online Workshop Series. Each workshop is around 60 minutes—4...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: Staff Competencies
Product Code: 1921W

This workshop will focus on the requirements for nursing competencies as described in the Requirements of Participation and how to develop a library of competency tools. Participants will receive a tool to guide them in converting policies and procedures to competency documentation worksheets.

This is the first workshop in the Clinical/Nursing Best Practic...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: Survey Response
Product Code: 1922W

Participants will receive helpful knowledge and resources for the completion of an acceptable plan of correction. Accurate, complete, and comprehensive plans of correction will help an organization meet the federal and state requirements for SNFs/NFs.

This is the second workshop in the Clinical/Nursing Best Practices Online Workshop Series. Each workshop i...Details

Clinical Workshop Series: What does root cause analysis mean
Product Code: 1926W

Root cause analysis is often avoided or incompletely performed, which can lay the groundwork for ineffective problem-solving. Learn about the process for thorough root cause analysis and how to prioritize and select the causes, contributing factors, and actions that allow undesirable processes that lead to unwanted outcomes.

This is the sixth workshop in...Details

Conducting Effective Internal Investigations
Product Code: 932

Beyond proving regulatory compliance, an effective internal investigation will help you implement effective quality interventions, tailor appropriate employee discipline, and end unwarranted rumors about the care provided by your organization. An ineffective or botched investigation will allow problems to fester or lull you into a false sense of security. This pres...Details

Conservators/Guardians/Adv Care Directives-Power of Attorney
Product Code: 919W

April Boxeth, Esq. of Voigt, Klegon & Rode, LLC will review conservator guardian law in Minnesota and identify when conservatorships and guardianships are appropriate. Ms. Boxeth will identify the role and legal requirements of an appointed guardian and conservator to oversee the health care decisions and financial affairs of your residents. Ms. Boxeth will define Adv...Details

Cost Accounting Practices to Prepare for New Payment System
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Cyber Security-What you need to know
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Developing Excellent Customer Service Skills in LTC Settings
Product Code: 424

Customer service is the foundation of client-centered care in long-term care. Raising the bar on customer service is critical to remaining competitive and it increases client and family satisfaction. Customer service is crucial with competing providers offering similar services. What distinguishes one provider from another may be the perception of friendly, caring, and at...Details

Digital Communication - Recruiting/Marketing Success
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Disaster Planning for Long-Term Care Providers
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Elder Justice Act-What LTC Providers Need To Know
Product Code: 216

The Elder Justice Act (EJA), enacted as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), sets forth a series of provisions designed to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older people.
The EJA establishes reporting requirements regarding suspected crimes against residents of nursing homes. The specific reporting requiremen...Details

Elder Sexual Violence: Awareness Intervention & Prevention
Product Code: 903W

Allegations of abuse in nursing homes have captured media attention in recent months. Sexual assault is an issue that is hard to talk about, and even harder to imagine happening to those we care for. Yet, unfortunately, it happens at increasingly alarming rates, especially to those who are vulnerable due to age or disability, including dementia. 83% of women with a ...Details

Elderly Waiver Cap Increases - Identify Opportunities
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Engage Your Team to Deliver Red-Carpet Customer Service
Product Code: 1737W

Are Your Employees Red-Carpet Ready? The experience you provide your residents, clients, and other customers is only as good as your least engaged employee. So, how do you get your staff to consistently deliver red-carpet customer service? Start by giving it to them.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the three areas of resident/custo...Details

Enhancing Quality Sleep for Residents
Product Code: 1617W

How is your organization assisting residents in one of their most important physical functions—sleep? Sleep disturbances can lead to increased falls, increased illness, cognitive changes, mood and behavioral issues, weight loss, and may affect many other areas of a resident’s life. This webinar will review the basics of sleep hygiene and will explore ways the entire inte...Details

Establishing an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program
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F-329 Unnecessary Medications: Nursing Facility Survey Succe
Product Code: 131

Federal survey deficiency F-329, Unnecessary Medications, is currently the MOST frequent survey deficiency issued during nursing facility surveys in Minnesota. F-329 is cited in 39.5% of all Minnesota standard surveys, compared to 19.2% nationwide. Nationally, F-329 is the seventh most common federal regulation deficiency issued.

This webinar will ...Details

F323 - Accidents and Supervision Archived Webinar
Product Code: 118

Federal survey deficiency F-323, Accidents and Supervision, is currently the second most frequent survey deficiency issued during nursing facility surveys in Minnesota. F-323 is cited in 43%-45% of all Minnesota standard surveys, compared to 32.8% nationwide.

This webinar will focus on the most common situations that occur in facilities that support the ...Details

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):A Briefing for LTC Providers
Product Code: 325

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles many employees to job-protected leave. However, it is not always easy to determine whether an employer is subject to FMLA or how state laws or collective bargaining rights affect FMLA. This webinar will provide an understanding of the coverage of the FMLA, how it affects collective bargaining rights, and how it works in...Details

HCBS Providers Quality Improvement Plan
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Health Information Exchange & E-Health Record in LTC
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Holistic Mental Health Interventions: Behavioral Concerns
Product code: 528

Care Providers of Minnesota is offering a second webinar by Touchstone Mental Health. This webinar is developed specifically to provide a sampling of effective holistic interventions that frontline care providers can utilize in working with older adults and seniors living with mental health concerns. Interventions presented are both evidence-based and integrative, ...Details

Honoring Resident & Family Choices: Advance Care Planning
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Infection Control—Keeping Your Residents and Staff Healthy
Product Code: 316

Influenza, norovirus, C diff—words that cause concern in long-term care settings. Whether one of these illnesses, or another, has affected your care setting, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak.

This webinar is designed to assist you in tailoring an effective infection control program to help prevent the development and tran...Details

Keeping Residents and Staff Safe from Abusive People
Product code: 222

How do you handle harassing or abusive family members or visitors who violate your clients' and staff’s rights or create a volatile, dangerous, or damaging work environment? Attorneys Robert Rodè and Rebecca Coffin will offer strategies to employ before, during and after these events take place. They will prepare you for these situations and share game plans for de...Details

Keeping the Good Ones: Effective Retention Strategies
Product Code: 137

Consider that direct costs of replacing a good employee may reach 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary. Add in indirect costs and it zooms to 90-200%. Further, good employees assure that we effectively meet client needs and successfully meet organizational goals.

As leaders, we create work environments that encourage employee retention through good leadership...Details

Keys to Employee Retention
Product Code: 1515W

Retaining staff is a concern of almost every organization. Higher than desired turnover demands considerable resources to recruiting & the problem is made worse by day-to-day staffing shortages. Improved retention is the solution to slow the turnstile of coming & going staff.

Consider that direct costs of replacing a good employee may reach 50-60% of an empl...Details

Legal and Practical Tips - Managing Resident Trust Accounts
Product Code: 233

You are required to set up and manage resident trust accounts for your residents. The account is to be used for resident expenses. Often there are questions on what is an appropriate resident trust account expense, how to document withdrawals, what to do with the money if resident moves or dies. You must maintain and manage resident trust accounts as required by state an...Details

Level of Care in Home and Community-Based Services: An Updat
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Level of Care in Nursing Facilities: An Update
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LTC Marketing: Creating Experiences/Stronger Onsite Closings
Product Code: 327

We have entered a new era of LTC. Customers are more demanding than ever before. Competition has increased. LTC providers must learn to differentiate themselves from their competition and create experiences; not give tours. It is also critical to learn the most important skill set to close the sales cycle- closing on site to the agreed upon next step. Learn how to creat...Details

LTC Marketing: Developing a Strong Referral Circle
Product Code: 332

Referrals are more than four times likely to make a move; however, most marketing directors do not perform outreach or know how to make it effective. In this webinar, you will learn a basic system that you can implement immediately to begin building a strong referral base of those who can, should, and will refer qualified leads. If your LTC business depends on referra...Details

LTC Marketing: Follow Up and Closing
Product Code: 329

The area most sales and marketing directors admit they are most challenged is follow up and closing. In this webinar, you will learn a proven phone system to begin every follow up call with three “yeses” in the first thirty seconds. Also, learn how to gain and maintain control of your follow up calls and to have purpose for picking up the phone. Get rid of call relu...Details

LTC Marketing: Inquiry Process and Mismanaged Calls
Product Code: 326

This is the first webinar in the Marketing in Long-Term Care Webinar Series. The series is designed for senior housing with services and skilled nursing homes staff.

The LTC industry has an occupancy challenge. LTC communities are struggling to fill their buildings every month and are often frustrated by the low number of tours and inquiries. Currently 43% of a...Details

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Product Code: 340

We all experience conflict—the problem is when it becomes dysfunctional and destructive. Understanding and managing conflict effectively can decrease tension and polarization and lead to better problem solving, improved relations, and enhanced performance. The first step is understanding your role in process and how your style effects the outcome.


Medicare Certification—Analyzing the Risks and Rewards
Product Code: 436

Opportunities for home healthcare agencies continue to grow due to the elderly population and preference of most retired Americans to be cared for in their homes. Medicare reimbursed home health services have been designed to meet the short-term skilled needs of the homebound client. While Medicare is not the only payer source of home health, many insurers require a home ...Details

Money Saving Ideas in Dietary
Product Code: 039

A foodservice department can be a complicated place, especially when it comes to budgets. Ever wonder exactly where your money is going? Food cost control is not cutting corners. It is keeping firm control on food costs through the various stages.

The most important factors affecting food costs are menus, purchasing, portions, theft, and waste. W...Details

New Life Safety Code
Product Code: 1633W

This 90-minute webinar will focus on important changes resulting from the CMS adoption of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) and 2012 edition of the Health Care Facilities Code (NFPA 99). CMS, through our State Fire Marshals, will begin surveying for compliance with these new codes beginning November 1, 2016. Be prepared—the new codes require fac...Details

New SNF/NF Regulations: Is your facility ready?
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Nurse Documentation - Best Practices in Charting
Product Code: 416

Nurses provide excellent care and services in home care, housing with services and skilled nursing settings. In today’s regulatory world, clinical care must be well documented for the nurses to demonstrate the care and services occurred, and what they were thinking when they provided that care. The quality of your charting (or the lack thereof) can have significant ...Details

One New Employee—So Many Regulations
Product Code: 313

This is the second webinar in the Employment Compliance—Keeping It Legal Webinar Series

By hiring just one employee, employers are subject to most human resources-related regulations and the regulations list seems endless. This webinar will address the rules and regulations employers must comply with when hiring a new employee. The webinar will cover topics suc...Details

Online CNA Training—Approved Curriculum in Minnesota
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Our Kitchen is Clean-Why Do We Still Get F371 Deficiencies
Product Code: 021

Each year, almost 40% of nursing facilities in Minnesota get cited for failing to store, prepare, distribute and serve food under sanitary conditions…a deficiency issued as F-371, the 5th most common deficiency, …why is that?

This webinar will provide real-life examples of deficient practices uncovered in the five areas that most frequently support this de...Details

PIPP Grants: Insight for a Successful Proposal
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Playing HR Jeopardy Game—Ongoing Compliance Issues
Product Code: 0317

Human resources can seem like a high-stakes game show with obscure questions and answers. This webinar tackles the compliance issues associated with employees once they are hired. This webinar will make sense of the numerous, and often confusing, HR regulations with the goal of reducing your risk and being fair to employees.

This is the third and final we...Details

Practically, HIPAA - What LTC Providers Need to Know
Product Code: 422

There is no doubt about it…HIPAA has grown teeth. Enforcement activity is reaching organizations large and small, and the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) community is not immune.

In this webinar, we will get back to the basics from a practical perspective to explain the complex provisions of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule, including the recent c...Details

Pre-Admission Screening/First Contact
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Preventing Pressure Injury Citations
Product Code: 1833W

An in-house acquired or declining pressure injury puts long-term care providers at risk for regulatory citations and litigation. The burden on the provider is to demonstrate that the development or decline of a pressure injury was unavoidable. The interventions that are implemented within the first 24 hours are critical, as well as, on-going interdisciplinary update...Details

Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Product Code: 624

F-314 Pressure Ulcer citations are on the rise in Minnesota. F-314 is now the sixth most common deficiency issued by MDH during standard surveys. A review of 40 skilled nursing center surveys recently posted indicates that F-314 is issued in almost 39% of surveys and is the most frequently cited F-Tag at a scope and severity of “G” or above.

Developing a...Details

Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in NHs
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Reducing Falls in Assisted Living
Product Code: 1824W

Did you know that decreased mobility is the primary cause of falls and a decline in function for assisted living clients? In this webinar, participants will learn about exercise programs that reduce the occurrence of falls and a decline in function by enhancing the mobility, balance, strength, and endurance of assisted living clients.

Sign up for this web...Details

Return to Community: There’s No Place Like Home
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Sexuality and Seniors: What Care Providers Need to Know
Product Code: 931W

The number of senior citizens is growing and along with it, issues of love, intimacy and sexuality are arising in senior living communities.

Sexual concerns among seniors are common, however most care providers are not adequately trained to address these issues. For such personal matters, seniors need to be able to get help from compassionate and ...Details

Successful Infection Control Strategies for AL & Home Care
Product Code: 123

Home care surveys conducted in 2010 by the Minnesota Department of Health resulted in numerous citations related to infection control. One common citation was the lack of mandatory and annual infection control in-service for both licensed and unlicensed staff as required by the home care regulations.

This webinar is designed to fulfill the training requiremen...Details

Successful Infection Control Strategies for Care Centers
Product Code: 122

This enlightening webinar will provide participants with the current standards of practice in Infection Control within the new F-441 Infection Control regulation with a focus on an interdisciplinary approach to program development and implementation. Highlighted is an overview of F-441, trends in survey findings, prevention practices, review of cleaning/disinfection of eq...Details

Successful Strategies for Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Product Code: 1516W

In 2012, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the national initiative to improve behavioral health and dementia care and to reduce significantly the use of antipsychotic drugs in skilled nursing facilities. Since then, there has been a national initiative for surveyors to focus on dementia and specifically antipsychotic medication reduction....Details

Survey Success—Home Care in Assisted Living
Product Code: 1735W

Care Providers of Minnesota resident regulatory expert, Doug Beardsley, will go through the types of correction orders being issued by the Minnesota Department of Health under the comprehensive home health statutes. Information presented will go through the survey process and help providers identify potential behaviors or systems that might increase a home care p...Details

Survey Success—Skilled Nursing Facilities
Product Code: 1820W

What are the survey deficiencies coming out of the new SNF/NF survey process? Are Requirements of Participation Phase 2 tasks being cited? What about compliance with the new Emergency Planning “E-Tags”?

In this 90-minute webinar, Care Providers of Minnesota resident regulatory expert, Doug Beardsley, will guide you through what we now know ...Details

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Managing Employee Performan
Product Code: 214

In spite of good hiring and inspired leadership, all supervisors ultimately must deal with someone with Toxic Attitude Syndrome. Whether it’s crummy attitude, attendance, or just unable to do good work; employee performance issues often consume large amounts of time, energy, and emotion. In fact, 57% of employees have witnessed abusive or intimidating behavior and probab...Details

The Right Choice: Legal and Effective Interviewing
Product Code: 136

What is the cost of a bad hire? Imagine the impact poor selection has on client care, annoyed and irritated coworkers, possible litigation, rehiring cost, damaged reputation, not to mention lost sleep. A short interview with a poor hiring decision can lead to months and years of frustration. There are no guarantees but there are best practices that help hire great empl...Details

To Exempt, or Not to Exempt
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Transitioning to the New Medicare Contractor
Product Code: 336

As Care Providers of Minnesota has previously reported, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has selected National Government Services as the new Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) for Part A/Part B Jurisdiction 6 (J6), which includes Minnesota. The transition is effective August 10, 2013.

In this webinar, representatives from National Gov...Details

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Product Code: 324

One of the key elements in providing quality dementia care is to understand Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and how changes in the brain contribute to different behaviors and communication limitations. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias provides participants with a definition of dementia and its impact on a person’s ability to function. Special a...Details

Understanding Quality Measures & Connection to Payment
Product Code: 535

Event Description:
A New Year is around the corner and Jan 1, 2016 brings resolutions & a new nursing facility payment system. There is a significant amount of dollars available to providers for productive nursing facility operation IF providers focus on identified goals.

Beginning Jan 1, 2016, operating payments to nursing facilities will be ba...Details

Understanding the Basics:Mental Health Concerns-Older Adults
Product Code: 529

This webinar is developed specifically to address a broad overview of the most common mental health diagnoses and related symptoms experienced by older adults and seniors. Each subset of mental health diagnoses includes a description of how symptoms can impact daily life. In addition, the most common treatments or interventions to address these concerns will be bri...Details

What Is In Your Admission Packet? - 121
Product Code: 121

What is included—and what is not—in your admissions packet may have far-reaching implications. It’s important to make sure that all issues are addressed during the time of admit to avoid any misunderstandings that may be costly to the facility.

This webinar has four experts to address admission topics and answer your questions on:

Workforce 360
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