Leading4Life Fellows grow and learn from one another, becoming more effective leaders who empower others to improve the world.

2020 Leading4Life class

We believe that the best leadership programs take place over a substantial period of time, introduce multiple perspectives and tools to a diverse team of adult learners, and engage those adults in learning from one another. 


The Leading4Life Fellowship process will provide opportunities for mentoring, personal & professional growth, networking, and the development of leadership skills that are practical & immediately applicable. Fellows completing the program will receive certification, continuing education credits, and public recognition, as well as the right to the title of "Leadership Fellow." 

Questions? Please reach out to Cathy Lingenfelter at the Association office.

2023–24 Leading4Life Timeline

August 1, 2023  |  Applications available
October 13, 2023  |  Applications due
December 2023  |  First meeting of the 2024 Leading4Life Fellows!


The program began in 2009 with funding from the Rick E. Carter Leadership and Governance Fund, the James B. Swanson Fund, and Silverchair Learning Systems, and continues through the generosity of leaders and sponsors within our profession. The leadership curriculum was developed in partnership with Ethical Leaders in Action and its president, lead program instructor Dr. Charles Weinstein. Together, we continue to improve it each year.

The Fellowship's individual and group projects benefit not only the participants, but also the long-term care profession in general.

Major Sponsors

Thank you to the organizations who sponsor the Leading4Life fellows by covering the individual tuition payments and thank you to the leaders of this profession who have generously supported this program through their annual donations.


CPM Service Corporation


Healthcare Academy


Zellner Health Consulting

2023 Class Members

Kerassia Aslanoglou, Sunrise View Assisted Living
Jennifer Berg, MN Signature Care
Susan Brooks, The Residence at North Ridge
Kalyn Caterina, Touchstone
Clayton Dahly, Providence Place
Lacey Eckmann, Chaska Heights Senior Living
Lori Goette, Seasons Healthcare
MacKenzie Goodreid, The Estates at Lynnhurst 
Brian Hinrichs, Prairie View Senior Living
Rebecca Kammeyer, New Brighton Care Center
Katie Keogh, The Legacy of Delano
Alex Lee, Minnesota Masonic Home
Kimberly May, Partners Senior Living Options
Andres Meyer, Paruan, Inc.
Anna Minske, Good Samaritan Society–Ambassador
Jennifer Palmer, Mala Strana Rehab Center
Cade Rose, Hopkins Health Services
Cindy Thao, The Estates at Fridley

"Each month I brought back information I had learned and shared with the other senior leaders in our center. It was a great way for all of us to benefit from my participating in the class."

"It has been even more enriching than I had imagined. Chad has created a group dynamic where we really have personally invested in the process and are sharing and trusting in open ways."

"This has been a brilliant opportunity to step out of the day-to-day scene and take time to really focus on and collaborate on being better leaders. The group is very interactive and I have personally been able to take away something very positive after each meeting."


Contact us for questions about Leading4Life. Our toll-free number is 1-800-462-0024.

Patti Cullen
Patti Cullen
Cathy Lingenfelter
Cathy Lingenfelter
Management Services Specialist